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56.4% are willing to spend more to get a natural or holistic version of a product.

58.2% are willing to make a special trip to buy it.

72.7% have purchased natural / organic foods.







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Kona, the black Pomeranian was is a survivor. He survived the toxic chicken jerky from China in 2007 when no one in the US barely knew about the dangers of imported dog treats. Kona is the catalyst, mascot, and namesake of Kona’s Chips.

When USA dog treats were not to be found Kona's Chips was born with a determination to make safe, pure, healthy treats from fresh meat sourced in the USA. After eight years and with a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Modesto, California, Kona’s Chips has made a solid commitment to dogs everywhere for outstanding quality and good eating, and continues to be the Choice of American Dogs!

With small batches, high QA and high quality results, our treats are shelf stable 18 months...no refrigeration required. We hope you will try Kona’s Chips and become both a regular customer and an advocate for us.

THE USA DEMAND..........
PETCO a major retail leader has pulled ALL pet treats from China from all of it's stores. CNN article about Petco

High end stores like yours should be ahead of the curve when customer centric demand is asking for quality and safety for their pet treats, it builds customer confidence and loyalty.

All of KONA'S CHIPS quality products have been made in the USA since 2007! We were ahead of the curve before it was demanded by dog owners.


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