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KONA'S CHIPS ® The Choice of American Dogs

Made in the USA
The unique All-American brand of dried Chicken Dog Treats. made with love from premium USDA sliced chicken breasts, Kona’s Chips are produced in America, processed in America, packaged in America, and sold to American pet owners. You can be assured in knowing that your dog is safely sinking his teeth into a safe and healthy snack!

Inspired by our own experience with foreign pet products, Kona's Story Kona's Chips are produced with a passion for dogs, with safety and health our primary concerns. As a loving pet owner, you want to be assured that the treats you give your dog will not make him ill or have any long-term ill health effects. You can trust that you are giving your dog the best.


The Advantages of Quality High Protein Treats for your Dog
Most all of our treats are high protein boasting treats, nutrition in every bite for your dog. They provide an extremely better balance for your dog's nutritional needs instead of starch and carb based processed treats that are so common these days. Look at the label, check out the percentage of protein. All our jerkies have very high protein content and low fat and carbs. Product Analysis Please feed as a treat only and supply supervision and drinking water.

Simple Ingredients
Most of our products have very simple ingredients and are sourced from California, Oregon, Colorado, and Texas. They are rich in nutrients that your dog needs and loves.

Our Process
Kona's Chips begin with USDA chicken breasts, which are then cooked fully to the proper temperature. Kona's Chips chicken is then sliced and oven dried to perfection.

The Perfect Treat - Safe for Puppies Too!
Kona's Chips are the ideal treat for your dog and safe for puppies who are on solid food. The chips can easily be broken into smaller sizes for training or to reward puppies.

What Makes Kona's Chips™ Different?
Kona’s Chips are natural and healthy chicken jerky strips for dogs made from USDA chicken breast. Your dog will know the difference. Give your best friend the best—Kona’s Chips.

What Our Customers Are Saying
I just wanted to send you a very heartfelt THANK YOU for making Kona’s Chips. My three Leonbergers are my world and I try to be super-cautious about what they eat. When I discovered the words “Product of China” on the back of a bag of chicken strips I was feeding them, I was devastated. I started a search for an American Made AND American Grown product. Sadly, there are not many out there. Even some that say “manufactured in the USA” are actually made from chicken that comes from other countries, but processed here in America.

In my opinion, your product is without equal. I can tell you that you have a customer for life here!

My 3 dogs LOVE their Kona’s Chips. Your company has been exceptionally easy to work with and I am delighted with both your product and your service. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

"Oh my goodness, Bella  and  Bentley went BONKERS for those liver treats and krispies! Bentley loves his treats, but oh that went down so quickly by the both of them this time!"
Becca  -California-

"Thanks so much for arranging our monthly delivery of 3 bags of Kona’s Chips.
Our two dogs Milo and Cosmo are just crazy about them, especially Milo (the Shar-pei) who is as finicky as an old cat. And we feel great knowing they’re made in the US of A. Kona’s Chips rock! They are by far the best and healthiest treat we’ve found anywhere. The other reviews are right—the smell is so fresh it almost makes me want to try them! Keep ‘em comin’!"
Benjamin and Lisa    -California-

"Don't they look happy! Kahlua and Stormy, my Longhair Weimaraners, thoroughly enjoyed the chicken breast treats that you recommended to me. Both dogs went crazy when the package arrived and wanted to open it themselves! If I would have let them, they would have polished off the entire package immediately!
I am so thankful that I found your website and was able to find products that not only met my expectations, but exceeded them.
Thanks again for an outstanding product!"
Kahlua & Stormy (we can't wait for more to get here!)
Barbi   - California-

"I'm just writing to thank you for making such a great product! We were looking for hearty and healthy treats made in the U.S. and came across your site about a year-and-a-half ago. Ever since our first order, our dog, Stan, has been absolutely obsessed with your products (chicken & beef treats; ears) and it makes us so happy to see him get excited (he knows the sound of opening the bag and comes running) and eagerly devour your treats. I think we place an order once every 3-4 weeks!   Thank you!"
Brad, Shirin & Stan   -New York-

"My dogs now have a new addiction. I got a sample of Kona's chips and my dogs went nuts over them. One of my dogs, Biskit , had almost died from the Chinese chicken strips. Biskit is very picky and I couldn't find any treats that he would eat that I knew was safe. I was looking for treats made in America and found your web site. Biskit and Angel loved these more than if I had fed them a fresh cooked chicken breast. I just had to place an order.
Cheryl    -Virginia-

"Well a great product should be praised. My dogs are the world to me.... Keep up the great products!"

Christine, Bandit and Sadie - North Carolina

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